Faculty Resources

Team Members
Collaborative Curriculum Creation

In the summer of 2020, we plan to engage any and all of our volunteers (faculty, former students, first-gen stakeholders, and community non-profit experts) to develop a shared meta-curriculum, which will emphasize core skills and methods to teach them that can apply to any humanities or social science curriculum.  Our faculty will choose what texts or other sources they want to teach, and will have this shared skeleton to build upon.  Brief recorded videos will cover methods for teaching each skill set.

Team Tutoring
Team Mentoring

You will work with at least one college mentor -- and perhaps another faculty/mentor pair -- to provide regular contact to your students.  We believe that continuity in mentoring is extremely important, but we want to share the mentoring work.  With clearly defined roles and curricular objective, you and your college mentor will divide the work of mentoring and have twice the impact on your student's success.

Office Conversation
Peer to Peer Support Networks

Coronavirus has created difficult working conditions for faculty members as well.  We hope to form, and maintain, a community of scholars supporting each other through these difficult times.  Caring work is work, but we hope to use this work to form our own bonds of solidarity, and to reaffirm the value of our academic experience (to our students, ourselves, and our colleagues).