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Team Members
Collaborative Curriculum Creation

KA engages volunteer faculty, students and first-gen stakeholders to develop resources revealing the “hidden curriculum” of college success.  Our approach emphasizes core skills and methods required for navigating college-level disciplinary coursework, from intro to advanced levels.  


KA needs you to contribute, simply by sharing your understanding of your field!


The Kalos curriculum provides a foundation for KA’s mentor-mentee relationships: mentors are trained to consult with students on their learning challenges and use our faculty-created materials to develop constructive solutions.

Team Tutoring
Team Mentoring

Through KA’s mini-academy model, faculty have the opportunity to work closely with teams of mentors and students to see their curriculum in action and get to know the students benefited by their expertise.  We hope to use this work to form bonds of solidarity and to reaffirm the value of academic experience (to our students, ourselves, and our colleagues).


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Interested in Supporting Us?

Your donations aid our organization in continuing the enhancement of our curriculum, creating experiential learning opportunities and investing in the growth of our community. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to advancing the development of the Kalos Community 

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