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Leadership and Mentoring

Kalos Academy


Operations Executive:

  • The Operations Executive drives the overarching strategy of Kalos, develops mechanisms of streamlining Kalos’s operations, and problem-solves in collaboration with each division of the nonprofit to maximize organizational effectiveness. The Operations Executive works directly with the President and Chair of the Board, and has significant input on the mission, structure and actions of Kalos Academy.


Partnership Executive:

  • Partnership Executives serve as the face of Kalos Academy. They work to develop relationships and establish pipelines with the university offices and college access organizations whose students KA serves. The Partnership Executive works under the guidance of the President and Chair of the Board, and has significant input on the mission and achievements of Kalos Academy through the creation of effective partnerships with universities and national service organizations.


Mini-Academy Chair:

  • Mentees, Mentors, and Community Leads form smaller teams known as Mini-Academies to provide mentorship and support to the students we serve. The Chair is responsible for overseeing their Mini-Academy, liaising with Mentors and Community Leads on their progress, and facilitating dialogue between the Mini-Academies and leadership of Kalos. Chairs are responsible for organizing meetings between the Community Leads and Mentors, as well as attending regular meetings with the Executive Mentor Operations and Success Committee (EMOSC).


Community Lead:

  • Community Leads work in teams to organize weekly events for their respective Mini-Academies. These meetings are constructed around Kalos’s four prongs: Academic Expectations, Institutional Processes, College Life Challenges, and Community Building. Community Leads are guided by experts in curriculum development and supported by their Mini-Academy Chair. Community Leads are also responsible for attending regularly scheduled meetings. 


Peer-to-Peer Mentor:

  • The Peer-to-Peer Mentor is responsible for being their mentee’s point person and providing one-on-one mentorship. These mentors are responsible for having a weekly video call of 30 minutes to one hour with their mentee. Additionally, they are available through messaging apps or text so that a mentee may reach out when necessary and attend regular meetings under the supervision of their Mini-Academy Chair.

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