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Kalos Academy Peer Mentor Description 

Fall 2020 Through Summer 2021


Program Overview

In the fall of 2020, Kalos Academy (KA) will begin a series of mini-courses for a cohort of high school graduates who planned to matriculate in college in the fall but are unable to do so because of Covid-related difficulties. We will work to give these students the chance to experience the intellectual, co-curricular, and social life of a college to help students bridge the gap between high school and higher education.


Peer Mentors will engage with these scholars in a variety of co-curricular, community-building activities, and work closely with faculty members from a range of academic disciplines.  


Our courses will be immersive online seminars that empower students to become active contributors to knowledge in an academic community by introducing them to scholarly ways of thinking, reading, and writing across the university. Students analyze and engage a variety of texts, including in the sciences, humanities and social sciences. Through this multidisciplinary exploration, students will gain an understanding of the diverse and intersecting ways that scholars ask questions and generate knowledge. They will also use this understanding to make their own academic contribution to the ongoing scholarly conversation.  Courses will begin in early October.

Peer Mentor Position Description

Peer Mentors (Mentors) are experienced learners who work with students enrolled in KA’s courses. Mentors will help students build “soft skills” and will offer training and education that complements the Faculty-taught academic curriculum. As a Peer Mentor, your most important role is to support your student and equip them for future educational success. You are not a tutor but are a valuable resource to teach soft skills and study techniques that can help improve learning success.  You may challenge the student with new ideas and empower them to think and grow beyond their academic comfort zone.


Mentors will also spend up to 20% of the time facilitating students’ exploration of course texts and assisting students in brainstorming their own analytic responses to these texts. In particular, Mentors help introduce students to core academic skills, such as critical reading, thinking, and writing methods. They will also help students build fundamental college-level soft skills, including: effective course selection, note-taking, research and study tactics, long-term assignment strategies, time and stress management, relationship-building with faculty and peers, co-curricular exploration, professionalism, and leadership development.


Mentors will receive training from KA and ongoing guidance and support from the instructor they work with.  


Peer Mentors Will Gain:

  • A chance to learn from and build connection with top instructors nationwide

  • Training to take their reading, writing, critical thinking, and study skills to the next level

  • Professional development and experience teaching a diverse student population

  • An opportunity to emerge as a leader in this time of crisis.


Peer Mentor Responsibilities:

In preparation to support our students, Peer Mentors will spend 4-5 hours in virtual training in September 2020. They will also spend time participating in professional development training as well as participating in  KA team meetings and communicating with accepted students.


Between October 2020 and August 2021, Peer Mentors should plan to

spend 2-3 hours per week on the following responsibilities:

• Facilitating weekly group discussions with students

• Providing mentorship, curricular, and co-curricular support to students

• Attending regular class sessions and supporting instructors

• Meeting monthly with instructor to plan and debrief course work

• Attending and participating in professional development trainings and meetings



• Mature and motivated undergraduate, graduate student, or young professional

• Advanced critical reading and writing skills

• Passion for learning and mentoring

• Commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equitable educational opportunity

• Modeling an ability to learn, grow, and succeed in the face of adversity 


To Apply

Submit a completed application by Tuesday, September 8.



Learn more about KA at and direct any questions to

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