What Can Kalos Academy Do For You?



           Is Kalos for You?



1) Want to jumpstart success at your current college? We'll teach you the tricks of the trade.

2) Transferring to your dream school? We'll help you get there.

3) Want to get into the best graduate program? We'll get you ready.



          How we'll support you:     

1) One-on-One mentoring: Students and recent graduates from top universities around the

country are excited to work with you to achieve your goals.


2) Secrets of College Success: Through hands-on programming, you will master critical

strategies for excellence in college academics and college life.


3) Creating Community: Form lasting relationships with mentors and peers through KA’s

mini-academies: teams of mentors and students striving for success.  (For STEM students, 

we form a unique community we call the STEM Corps.  See here!)

Check out our explainers:

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     - Your Outcomes

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