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For Students

College students and recent graduates around the country have volunteered to work with you at no cost to achieve your college dreams!

Using a team mentoring approach, we will help you keep your academic skills sharp and give you advice about succeeding in college or transferring to the school of your dreams.

We work with you personally to understand your goals and empower you to achieve them.

For Peer Mentors

Come join a movement for equitable access to education and equal opportunity for achievement!


Your experience could be indispensable to the success of an entering college student.  Imagine if you could have known ahead how to make a schedule and register for classes, to get the help you needed, or to find internships.

Volunteer to share your knowledge and strengthen your college skills in the process.

For Partners

College faculty from around the country help us to develop our unique method for teaching the "hidden" curriculum of college success -- from disciplinary assumptions in the classroom, to analytical expectations on written assignments, to the tricks of the trade in STEM fields.

Using our curriculum, we train advanced college students to mentor, and work with entering college students to succeed!



     See our 2022 Annual Report here.     

     Kalos Academy reveals the hidden curriculum of college success to students who are first-generation, low-income, or members of traditionally underrepresented groups.  We particularly aim to address the challenges associated with 'undermatched' students: those who might be enrolled at a school that's not optimally challenging, given their abilities and potential.  We help students first to stay engaged and thrive where they are; but also to envision a future in which they graduate at the top of their class, transfer to the school of their dreams, and/or enter an excellent graduate school.

     How do we do this?  With active near-peer mentoring -- provided virtually by students and recent graduates from top colleges around the country -- we help students to understand and navigate the tacit assumptions behind: 1) college social life, 2) institutional processes like financial aid, and especially 3) classroom instruction.  See an infographic about our approach here!

     Kalos has worked with dedicated college faculty to develop materials illustrating how professors expect students to analyze, argue, write, apply concepts, and think critically -- the sort of expectations that often are not stated explicitly.  In addition to helping their mentees tackle social and institutional challenges, our mentors use these materials to 'coach' them through the challenges they face in the classroom.  We encourage our students to pursue goals they set for themselves; whether their goals are simply graduating, or excelling in coursework, successfully transferring to a school better 'matched' to their abilities, or getting admitted to a stellar graduate program.



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