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     Kalos Academy reveals the hidden curriculum of college success to students who are first-generation, low-income, or members of traditionally underrepresented groups. We help students stay engaged and thrive, graduate at the top of their class, and/or enter an excellent graduate school.

     How do we do this?  With active near-peer mentoring -- provided virtually by students and recent graduates from top colleges around the country -- we help students to understand and navigate the tacit assumptions behind:

Kalos has worked with dedicated college faculty to develop materials illustrating how professors expect students to analyze, argue, write, apply concepts, and think critically -- the sort of expectations that often are not stated explicitly.  In addition to helping their mentees tackle social and institutional challenges, our mentors use these materials to 'coach' them through the challenges they face in the classroom.  We encourage our students to pursue goals they set for themselves; whether their goals are simply graduating, or excelling in coursework, or getting admitted to a stellar graduate program. Through a our near-peer mentoring program, Kalos students are exposed to programming that helps them navigate the transition to college classroom instruction, institutional processes, the internship and job search, and college social life.

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Meet The Team


Steven Kelts

Professor - Princeton

Bri Mirabile

Deloitte Consulting

Madeleine Munn

VP of Operations
Arabella Advisors

Kathryn Goebel

VP of Finance
Bank of America
Side Headshot Crop.jpg

Tiffany Rhodes

VP of Mentorship
Ropes & Gray LLP
IMG-9882 (1).jpeg

Robert Coventry III

VP of Students
Stealth Startup & Starside Security and Investigation
Side Headshot Crop.jpg

Jorge Herrera

Learning & Development Consultant
Deloitte Consulting

Interested in Supporting Us?

Your donations aid our organization in continuing the enhancement of our curriculum, creating experiential learning opportunities and investing in the growth of our community. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to advancing the development of the Kalos Community 

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