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Building Leaders From Within

About Us:  

     Kalos Academy is a non-profit education start-up, fostering the leadership and professional development of all of its volunteers. Our mission is to reduce disparities in access and opportunity in higher education. We achieve this by mentoring first-generation and low-income college students, teaching them the “hidden curriculum” of college success and supporting their persistence towards their degree.


     Through your leadership in Kalos, you’ll hone your ability to organize teams and delegate responsibilities, establish operations and strategy, and network with students, alumni, and administration from schools around the country.  Kalos leaders have shown initiative and drive, building their resumes and developing experiences that impress interviewers (see below for leader bios). 


Current Needs:

  • Operations Executive  

    • Flexible 4-5 hours per week

  • Partnerships Executive

    • Flexible 4-5 hours per week

  • Mini-Academy Chair

    • 2-3 hours per week

  • Community Lead

    • 2 hours per week

  •  Peer-to-Peer Mentor

    • 1-2 hours per week


Learn more about each of these opportunities here.  Then apply!


Check below for bios of some of our amazing leaders -- many from your school -- and see how Kalos propelled their careers forward.  Reach out to to speak with a recruiter.


Meet Kalos Leaders from Princeton:


Our founding president built Kalos from the ground up, and was recognized with a prestigious, all-expenses paid fellowship to law school.  See her story here.


Our first VP of operations won several Princeton service prizes, and landed an Americorps fellowship to continue his college access work.  See his story here.


Our strategy advisor gained nonprofit experience and landed an incredible placement consulting with the Gates Foundation.  See her story here.


Our Student Experience Committee lead is headed to med school, poised to parlay her service experience into a career in public health.  See her story here.



Meet Kalos Leaders from George Washington:


Our incoming VP of Mentor Operations and Success used her post-GW consulting experience and rose rapidly within Kalos.  See her story here.


One of our first mentors not only changed his mentee’s life, but parlayed his nonprofit service and his GW MPA into a staff job on Capitol Hill and a prestigious fellowship fostering young officials for elective office.  See his story here.


Our head of STEM advising rose quickly from her first volunteer position in our org, using her passion for science and her desire to build in the education sector.  See her story here.



Meet Kalos Leaders from NYU:


Our most involved mentor last year formed an amazing bond with his mentee, helping him successfully transfer to his dream school.  He will be on our executive mentor success committee, and serve as a leader for FGLI students as NYU as well!  See his story here.

Last year’s head of Student Outreach is going to law school with a prestigious full-tuition fellowship this year, having been recognized for her incredible leadership!  See her story here.

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